Adult Life Struggles

Ok guys. Real talk. How the hell are you supposed to make friends as an adult?!? I can’t be the only one struggling to figure this out.

Now I’m sure that my social anxiety doesn’t help me here. But I’m nearly 30 and I am yet to figure this out!

When we were younger we made friends who went to the same school as us. Or who were involved in the same after school activities. But here’s the thing, as a self employed adult who rides horses… that means my choices are pretty slim pickings.

My barn is primarily filled with very nice, but very young kids. By this point in most adult riders lives they are “taking a break” to raise a family. But that’s not me. And I’m sorry, you’re super sweet kid, but I’m not hanging out with 13 year olds. That’s weird. I’m almost old enough to be their moms. I’m not going to be their buddy. That’s weird.

And people love to ask, so what do you do when you aren’t riding? Ummm sleeping? Working? That’s about all I do. So where do I make friends?

I actually may have made my first EVER adult friend!! But I think I might have cheated? It’s my massage therapist… is that weird? She’s practically seen me naked. But whatever.


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