Catfishing Mom

So the oddest thing happened to me over the weekend.

I was sitting at the Raleigh Indoor watching the Derby when my phone buzzed. I looked down to see a friend request…. From my MOM. I called my dad immediately, he told me that he wasn’t sure what was going on but he would look into it.

In the mean time, I get a message from the fake profile:

Joyce: Hello. How are you doing?

Me: Fine.

Joyce: Have you heard about New USA Funding?

Me: Thanks for pretending to be my mom.

Joyce: Sorry. .just to make something… Can you give me more details about your mom?

Me: Yep, reporting you to Facebook Delete the account!

Account disappeared. Now, the person could have simply blocked me or they could have actually deleted the account. But man that’s a gutsy move. I call you out on it and instead of just disappearing you decide to go with “Can you help me deceive you’re mom’s friends and family” route.

And I wish that this was the end of the story. But of course it isn’t. Mom has been freaking out about being “hacked” for a couple days now. I have no clue what to tell her. First off, she wasn’t really hacked. She was used for someone to try to Catfish people. It was probably a decent cover, a teacher who touched so many young lives. They could friend so many people in our city and they wouldn’t even know the difference.

But really, do these scum bags have nothing better to do than find an older woman to pretend to be? You don’t know her life. You don’t know the struggeles she goes through every single day. You don’t know the stress it causes normal people, let along a woman with Alzheimer’s and Cancer. She is now confused. Did she accidentally do this and not remember? Did make this happen? How did this happen? And round and round we go.

I love my mom. I hate to see her struggle. So this is just a little food for thought, this stuff all affects someone. This time it just so happened to affect someone I love. So I’m writing about it. I just feel awful for my mom right now.


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