Welcome to the Truth

For those who don’t live in the South East, you may have missed our “massive” snow storm last weekend. Don’t get too excited people, it was only about 6 inches… But for the South East, that equals complete mayhem. So, while I was camped out in my home, hiding from the nasty frezzing cold tempetures, and the icky snow… I proceeded to binge watch tv shows like it was my job.

This binge watching covered a broad spectrum of shows, everything from Downton Abbey to MTV’s Catfish, not to mention a lot of things inbetween. I’m well into season 4 for both shows. (Stop laughing anyone who lives North of us, yes we are completely aware that 6 inches of snow for you all wouldn’t even be likely to cause delays. For the South East…. our entire lives shut down for about a week.) At any rate, I began to wonder what it is about the world that makes us all so fearful to share who we are. Why can’t we just be honest with one another?

I’m no stranger to the desire to be someone else. Over the years I have wanted to be anyone else for most of my life. I was severly bullied, back before bullying was really a thing. I was geeky before it was cool, I was a Harry Potter nerd before most people even knew who Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Snape, or Lord Voldemorte were. I was about as unpopular as a person could be. My own brother told people he was an only child and that I didn’t exist.

Naturally all of this made me retreat even more into my world of books.

As an adult, I am an aspiring author, I find myself living in the world of my characters rather than living my own life.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to go about this… Sadly, to protect the innocent (my friends, family and loved ones) I will be changing names, including my own. But other than names, my goal is to remain true to the world around me. I promise you that everything I write will be true, the only thing that will be altered are names of those around me!

Ready to kick this off? Me too. Let’s see how it goes!



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