This is Bee

As I mentioned in my first post, everything you find here will be true. The only thing that will be changed are names to protect my friends and loved ones. So, without further ado…

My “name” is Bee. I’m quickly approaching my 30th birthday, which TV (espeically the show “Friends”) has lead me to believe that I should be approaching a meltdown or a freak out. But despite the questionable status of my life, I seem to be standing firmly on my own two feet, without a freak out in sight. So, here’s to hoping that I stay completely stable, or perhaps I should say “stable”, for the next few months and buck the odds.

At any rate, I’m almost 30. And like a lot of people in my generation I have made that most embarrassing of life journeys… Back home to live with my parents, in my childhood bedroom, after my divorce. Honestly, it should probably bother me much more than it does. But the truth is, it just doesn’t bother me that much. If anything I feel lucky and grateful.

After my seperation I was running low on money and my family was going through some termoil (which I’ll get into later). After a long talk with my parents it was decided that I would make the journey back to my childhood home to stay with them. Not just me though, I came with a 4 year old Weimaraner, a 6 year old tabby cat, and 6 horses! I honestly think my parents were bitting off more than they had planned for!

I won’t pretend there haven’t been some awkward times. But in the end, this was definitely the right choice for me.

Earlier this year my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This was later specified as Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Then it was also found in her lymph nodes. And lastly it was found in her Liver. I have been so lucky to spend this last year at home with my parents. I am lucky to have them both in my life each and every day (though sometimes I forget this). To complicate our lives further, my mother, age 59, has been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Our good days with her are numbered. So I am blessed to spend those days with her, which yes… I struggle to remember when I’m being yelled about something ridiculous (examples to come, and trust me they can be interesting…) but nevertheless, I am so lucky.

Anyway, I am Bee. This is my life. Welcome.


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